The voice of our customers:

We became familiar with Pilotech and InCaseIT and liked it a lot. In a stressful situation is the system helping you and reminding you of your tasks. It is easy to use and allow people to be included and participating in a situation regardless of where they are. InCaseIT gives a helpful management overview on what the team is doing and has done, reducing the need for communication in a hectic situation. ​


Mari Hauge

TDC invests money and time on crisis management and has a well-established and well trained emergency organization with trained employees in all positions. As an important support in this work, TDC Sweden uses InCaseIT that is creating the necessary foundation and overview for decision making. But most important - InCaseIT is a system that is easy to use.

TDC Sverige AB

Matts Danielsson

We needed a simpler and faster system for notification of an emergency event. It was also important for us with a tool that, in addition to a historical record, gives us access to both checklists and role cards, and ensures that tasks are completed on time. InCaseIT offers a very good product and we look forward to an exciting collaboration.


Odd Lynnebakken

our customers are different

One has 13,461 employees; another has 137 whilst some have fewer than 26. One customer is in Säve and one in Pueblo. Common to all is the need to handle an event well – together and across geographical and organizational boundaries.


Handling of hazardous goods, demanding work situations, requirements from law and regulations, heavy lift and big machines. Continuous work processes, streamlined production and advanced logistics. Daytime, night-time and on weekends. For our industrial customers will an incident have consequences that affect employees, the business, environment and society. InCaseIT help our industrial customers to have a solid preparedness that maintains effective interaction with you, your management and all your resources involved in the actual incident. ​


Many people and vast assets in motion, high speed on the road, up in the air, on water and on rails. Far from home - at a nameless location. Humans first. Within transportation, people are essential and time is crucial – several things happening at the same time. Our clients use InCaseIT to quickly take care of the employees, customers, their families and the media when an incident occurs. Coordination via web and mobile app gives our customers confidence that they handle the incident optimal.


The connection is broken. Black screens - no service. The systems do not work – customer calls – customer complaints. Breach of agreement, damaged reputation, loss of revenue and loss of customers. It happens immediately, it affects your customers and damage your reputation. When an incident happens - information to your customers’ are paramount. Our clients use InCaseIT to inform its customers and employees about the situation. Meanwhile are measures for troubleshooting and support managed and logged.


Guests, tourists, many people in the same building. Children, stroller, wheelchair, groups and queues. Bags, baggage, gifts, high heels, phone-calls and headphones. All running in different directions. Handling a crowd of 100’s of people at a location is demanding. Hence, knowledge, tools and processes are essential. Our clients use InCaseIT to share information, organizing the support, take action, delegate tasks, notifying and informing management. Across the organization and location.

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